Though students spend up to 25% of their lives and (hundreds of) thousands of dollars on formal education, how many hours are invested in learning how to best learn? Though students are exhorted to “shoot for the stars" and “make the most of every opportunity,” how many are taught to approach their priceless academic years with vision, a custom-tailored personal development plan including their own SMART goals, strategies, and tactics? And while students are barraged with reminders to "get into a good college,” how many students are navigating a manageable course of steps preparing them to earn admission into an array of universities? Though gaps such as these have long existed, the complexity and rapidly changing nature of the educational and professional landscape is rendering these gaps more troubling. Countless students feel overwhelmed or burnt out. Many are hemmed in by stress, lacking the tools to realize the change they desire to see in their lives. Others are performing well academically yet feel their academic endeavors are completely divorced from personal purpose. The student who emerges from high school merely as a proficient taker of tests will be ill prepared for what lies ahead. Momentum exists to strategically fill these gaps, replacing confusion with confidence, setting students on a path of sustained excellence not merely academically but personally and professionally.


What people are saying about Momentum

I want to thank the Momentum team for the amazing impact and influence you made on my daughter during Momentum 2016. We begin our school year today and she has a wonderful outlook and excitement for starting the school year thanks to her experience at Camp. Please sign her up for Momentum 2017!

-Jenell Potucek, mother of current freshman


Momentum was beyond anything I ever imagined! I have a new perspective on how to use my personal strengths to be successful. I also have a new sense of confidence, and realize there are endless possibilities of how I can write my life story. Momentum has helped me grow as a leader, speaker, thinker, student, and person overall. What makes this experience even more awesome, is they continue to encourage these traits in each of us on a weekly basis. I am blessed to be part of the awesome Momentum experience!    

-Amber Teague, current sophomore


After taking Mr. Turpin and Mrs. William’s SAT boot camp, I scored a 750 on the reading section.  In the classroom, English is not my strong suit; however, as I was working through the test, many of our tips and practice questions came to mind, helping me hone in on the correct answers. 

–Blake Ashley, current senior


I so enjoy the weekly follow-up. The recent series about struggle and memory-retention has been very applicable for me in the design field. It’s made me wonder if effective design shouldn't be immediately discernible but instead should cause people to pause for a moment. Figuring out the perfect amount of pause is the trick.

-Lara Bobo, designer at BoboWorkshop







Momentum is not a conventional summer camp. In addition to the lively sessions of yoga, soccer, and capture the flag, Momentum is for those seeking to become a better learner, speaker, and leader. At Momentum I discovered my personal strengths, along with areas of my life that are in need of improvement. From becoming a confident speaker to discovering effective ways to learn, every facet of Momentum has given me a renewed and refreshed desire to learn and develop.

-Ben Ashley, current sophomore


The Momentum team created an outrageously fun camp that accomplished the impossible - giving students everything they need (and more) to thrive not only in school, but in life. From public speaking, to organization and life planning skills, Momentum students will simply be prepared, but excited for the challenges of life. These life-changing lessons were presented in ways that kept students engaged, while building camaraderie, teamwork, and confidence. Balancing classroom and recreational activities - including volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, ping pong, and capture the flag, along with brain developing activities such as yoga and the sales pitch challenge - rendered Momentum an unforgettable experience!

-Susanna Harpold, current sophomore


Momentum was an awesome experience, and it has really helped with my study skills this year. I've noticed a huge difference in my studying for APUSH quizzes. I went not knowing what to expect, but I came out with four new close friends,  strengthened friendships, and tons of new knowledge on how to take tests more efficiently and how to stay productive throughout study sessions.

-Lauren Raike, current junior


Before Momentum Camp I just saw myself as one way, one person. But now I see that I'm made up of many parts, many strengths, many interests.

-Abbey Zschappel, current junior