Momentum Camp is a direct result of observations of many teachers, teachers who care deeply for students, who have invested the time to really get to know their students, and who long to see students realize more of their potential, academically as well as personally. Not only do our team members teach, but we learn from my students. We re-learn what it is to be fifteen and a bit frustrated or fearful, to be eighteen and full of dreams and aspirations and a blissful sense of invincibility. We learn how the times have changed, but also that many challenges persist through the years.

Momentum Camp not only bequeaths to students the tools needed to begin unleashing their personal potential, but the dynamism of Momentum, its uniqueness, lies in the synergy of learning and practicing the various tools together, experiencing the inter-relatedness of growth in one’s academic, personal, and professional life. Thus, we teach students techniques for maximizing learning and for peaking on tests, but we don’t teach these skills in isolation. Instead, we weave all academic tools into the greater fabric of personal vision and purpose, believing that the tools and disciplines conducive to academic success prove critical in the professional and even relational space as well (try cultivating deep relationships without being a great listener). We help students achieve elevated scores on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, while envisioning and planning for life beyond success on these tests. We engage in high-level leadership training, exploring personal vision and asking ourselves audacious questions, such as, “What unique contributions in life are mine to make?” These contributions will, in part, depend on our willingness and commitment to develop personal faculties.

In other words, the Momentum experience helps students tap into personal vision and reservoirs of internal motivation, but we don’t leave our students merely in an inspired frenzy. We impart to our students the skills for charting a path to realize their vision and their goals, for self-management, for GTD, for getting things done.


We believe that the Why of education is as important as the How and that one’s reasons, one’s motivations to learn are as important as the tools and methods of learning. And we believe that within each student lies a distinct yet powerful Why, capable of providing motivational fodder for not just academic flourishing but decades of sustained personal growth. 

Finally, we believe that taking advantage of the educational opportunities afforded today’s youth is not only wise and virtuous, but is the best way to prepare for the challenges and opportunities tomorrow promises.

We exist not to supplant the roles of schools, guidance counselors, and families, but to come alongside, in support of the amazing work already being done.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Regardless of your decision concerning whether to enroll in this arduous yet adventurous endeavor, we urge you to believe in the virtually limitless potential residing in high school students. In seeing the very best in them, we allow them the freedom to be their very best.