Frequently Asked Questions

What else do your camps accomplish, aside from elevated standardized test scores?

Affording students a sneak peek (in a safe environment) into the life of a college student (dorms, dining halls, navigating campus); equipping students to better deal with stress and anxiety; learning how to reverse-engineer personal vision into goals, strategies, and tactics for the "here and now"; understanding the significance of a embracing a growth (as opposed to fixed) mindset; connecting with young professionals doing amazing, diverse work.

Are scholarships available?

We commit that a minimum of 10% our students will receive at least a 50% scholarship - every year - simply because it is the right thing to do. To apply for a scholarship or to contribute to this scholarship fund, email

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Our students sleep in actual college dormitories on campus at Trinity University.  Girls and boys will be on separate floors.  Two rooms with two twin beds per room share a common restroom and shower.  We will have a Momentum staff member lodging with our students at a ratio of one staff member for every five students. 

How much adult supervision will my student have?

We provide adult supervision for all of our students throughout the week; no exceptions. Evenings are spent engaging in lively, collaborate challenges and activities.

What results can my child expect from this experience?

In addition to increased scores on ACT, SAT, & PSAT, students should expect to earn better grades and find themselves engaged in life with greater intentionality and determination as well as less anxiety.

What medical care is available?

Trinity University provides medically trained personnel available 24/7, and, we arrange with a nearby urgent care facility to provide additional medical care as needed.  

What's a typical day like?

A typical day involves a blend of in-class lessons balanced with outdoors recreation, small group creative challenges, interactive workshops with young professionals, and even the occasional yoga class (experiencing whole-brain thinking). Not only should students bring their Moleskine notebooks (learning tools), but swimsuits and sporting apparel as well! We enjoy our meals in the on-campus dining hall, have access to the entire array of campus amenities, and experience a foretaste of life as college students. We purposefully weave lively, outdoor activities into each day and cultivate an ethos of rigor tempered with excitement and joy!

What if I'm flying in to SAT for camp (be it from Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere)?

We are happy to provide free transportation to and fro SAT airport.