Stephen Mackey, encourager in chief

Bi-racial and born to a teenaged mother, Stephen Mackey beat the odds to become a first-generation college graduate, teacher, encourager, entrepreneur and international communicator.  A strength competitor, and former Division 1 college football player, he stands at 6’1” and almost 300 pounds. Mackey is an explosive athlete, and has posted elite level lifts in the log press, and axle clean and press, and has world-class grip strength.  A gifted communicator, Mackey is a highly sought out speaker, and stands in front of thousands each year, sharing a challenging message of hope and encouragement with students of all ages, in elementary, junior and high schools, and universities. His message, "Be. Stand. Do." has been taught across the United States, and around the world.  As the first in his family to go to college— he is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University— Mackey understands the value of hard work, discipline, making right choices, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, and dreaming big. Committed to forging a new legacy for his family, Mackey is finishing a master’s degree, en route to doctoral studies. Mackey and his wife, Teressa, have two children, Harrison (3) and Jane (1), and a golden doodle named Bruce. They currently reside just north of Dallas, Texas.