Linda Williams, PSAT, SAT & ACT GURU

Linda Williams served as principal of Fredericksburg Christian School for 33 years. She was a teaching principal, teaching math, high school physics, and chemistry, and helping students prepare to compete in oratorical contests. With a degree from Rice University and graduate work at the University of Chicago, she is familiar with admission requirements for highly selective colleges.

Linda loves to tutor students for college entrance exams. Of her own five children, four daughters became National Merit scholars and all of them graduated from Rice University. Her son was National Merit commended and graduated from the Air Force Academy.

Linda has been helping students with these exams since before most of the current high school generation was born. She has been working with these tests long enough to think like the test makers. She can identify vintage SAT and ACT questions and give an insider’s view of tips on taking these tests. Several of Linda’s students have asked her why she doesn’t go to work for ACT or SAT to create test questions. Her response is always, “I don’t want to go over to the dark side!” Her joy is to help demystify the college entrance exams and enable students to do their personal best on them.